See details on managing your portfolio, along with detailed descriptions about all the pages you’ll see

Transaction History

Your will show you all the orders you’ve placed that have gone through. Features Everything on this page is used to help you see your previous transactions. Action Button This will take you back to the trading page, set to repeat this action. This button will not fully pre-populate an Options order (particularly expired options), or Future Options. Symbol This is the symbol of what … Continue reading Transaction History »

Closed Positions

Your will show an estimated profit and loss from all positions you’ve “Closed” (bought then later sold, or shorted and later covered). Disclaimer The most important note about your Closed Positions is that it is only an estimate, and nothing on this page is used to calculate your portfolio value. Inaccuracies are usually caused by buying and selling the same security multiple times without fully … Continue reading Closed Positions »

Open Positions

You can find your Open Positions page in two places: your , or your page. The only difference between the two pages is that the “Dashboard” version will have all the security types as tabs you can switch between, while the “Open Positions” page will show each type separately. All prices on the Open Positions page are delayed by 15 minutes (but trade at real-time … Continue reading Open Positions »