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Net Worth Calculator!

Knowing your net worth is the first step towards growing it! This tool will help you organize your assets in one place, and even help project how they will grow in the future.

If you have used our Home Budget Calculator to help see where you can improve your savings, the next step is measuring your net worth to see how to make it grow.

Once you have found your net worth, you can use our Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator to see what rate of return you need to reach to hit your savings goals!

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1 of 3) Based on the following scenario, what is your net worth next year (Year 2) ?
Annual asset growth: 23%
Annual liability growth: 0%
Total Assets: $770,000
Total Liabilities: $329,000
2 of 3) Based on the following scenario, what is your net worth in 10 years (Year 10 in the graph) ?
Annual asset growth: 20%
Annual liability growth: 1%
Assets : $563,500 in total
Liabilities : $288,000 in total
3 of 3) You are helping your friend Warren defining his net worth. He is currently a university student.

Warren does not own a lot of assets. The only thing Warren owns is a used car worth $10,000. He also invested his summer earnings, worth $6000, in his mutual funds account. Finally, Warren has a total sum of $4,509 in his checking and savings account.

In terms of liabilities, Warren still lives with his parents and only has a student loan(worth $15,000) and credit card debt of $500.

Considering that the Annual asset growth is 23% and the annual liability growth is 0%, what is Warren's net worth next year (Year 2) ?

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