Advanced Investment Return Calculator

Advanced Investment Return Calculator

Find out the difference between Simple and Compound Interest! See how big an impact your tax rates and inflation have on your savings over time!

If you have already used our Becoming A Millionaire Calculator, you can use your targeted Expected Investment Return numbers in this calculator to see how to make that return happen!

Once you see how moving the rate of return affects your profits, try checking out our Compound Interest Calculator to see how the different types of compounding can have a big impact on the final return!

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1 of 5) For a 10 year investment with a rate of return of 7%, initial investment of $10,000, annual investment of $1,000, expected inflation rate of 3% and tax rate of 25%, what is the compound interest?
2 of 5) If you want to have most of my money by the end of your investment term to come from compound interest, what variables should you maximize?
3 of 5) If I have a 10 year investment with a 5% rate of return and a $1000 initial investment, what will happen if my inflation rate is bigger than my rate of return?
4 of 5) If there is a 20 year, 10% rate of return with 0 initial investment, $100 annual investment, expected inflation rate of 5%, how much money will I lose when accounting for inflation?
5 of 5) What is the highest Investment total I could achieve with a five year investment, rate of return of 10%, initial investment of $0 and a $100 annual investment? Will simple interest be greater than compound interest?

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