Home Budget Calculator

Home Budget Calculator!

The most difficult thing people think of with personal finance is building your monthly budget, and sticking to it. There are tons of different expenses and payments to consider, so we put all the big ones in one place! This tool will also help you see exactly how much you can set aside for savings every month!

If you have already used our Buy Vs Lease Calculator to see how much your home payments will be, use this value to build a budget around the expenses you know you will have!

Once you have built a monthly budget, and see how much you can save, take that to our Saving To Be A Millionaire Calculator to see how long it will take to earn $1,000,000 with that saving level!

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1 of 5) What is the minimum monthly gross income you need to be able to afford the above and still save $100 a month?
Set all to zero except: Medicare $100, Internet $50, telephone $50. Food $600.
2 of 5) Without removing anything added in question 1: How much would you have to make every month if your federal tax is $100 and your state tax withholding is $50 and still saving $100 a month?
3 of 5) Without removing anything added in question 2: Now you want to buy a car with monthly payments that are $350, with $20 for insurance and $50 for gas and maintenance. How much would you have to make monthly to break even (No savings)?
4 of 5) Set everything to zero. If your house payment is $1000 per month and your home insurance is $100 per month, how much would you and your spouse each have to earn to cover your expenses and save a combined total of $200 every month? Assume that you and your spouse earn the same salary.
5 of 5) Without removing anything added in question 4: Let’s say you had an accident. How much would you be losing a month if you had $80 in credit card payments, $400 in medical bills and $10 of bank service charges, but you received $200 every month from your online calculator business?

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