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Personal Finance

Good Debt, Bad Debt - Beginners trying to tackle their personal finances for the first time see debt as sort of a “boogeyman”, a specter that looms overhead, trying to trap people into inescapable cycles of minimum payments and late Continue reading Good Debt, Bad Debt »
Budgeting - When learning about managing your finances, many experts will recommend you begin with a budget. A budget is a tool that tracks income and expenses, and it allow you to set goals and make plans Continue reading Budgeting »
Spending Plan - Definition of Spending Plan A "Spending Plan" is exactly as it says - a plan of what you will be spending each month. There are usually two parts - your "fixed" spending and your "variable" Continue reading Spending Plan »
Financial Records - As you begin working with financial institutions to secure your money and process your financial transactions, it is important that you learn to keep good financial records. These records, both on paper and electronic, will Continue reading Financial Records »