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Personal Finance

How to Evaluate a Portfolio Manager - A good way to evaluate a manager is to ask many relevant questions pertaining to your own personal financial situation and your financial goals. Examples of questions to ask are: Continue reading How to Evaluate a Portfolio Manager »
duty free All About Sales Tax - What Is Sales Tax? “Sales Tax” is a tax that is charged on goods sold to end customers. The Sales Tax is a set percentage of the price of the goods sold. In the United… Continue reading All About Sales Tax »
How to Effectively Save Money - We will teach you how to save money so that you can afford your future now. There are two main questions you need to ask yourself to effective save money: A.“How much will I need?”,… Continue reading How to Effectively Save Money »
Debt Negotiation - Everyone has had financial emergencies, when a huge spending shock breaks your budget or spending plan into pieces. If you have more than one emergency in a short time, such as if you lost your… Continue reading Debt Negotiation »