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Preparing for Spending Shocks - “Spending Shocks” are large, irregular expenses. According to CBS, more than 60% of Americans cannot absorb a $500 spending shock: spending shocks are the #1 reasons why budgets end up abandoned, and being prepared for Continue reading Preparing for Spending Shocks »
Receipts – Keeping and Tossing - When you are getting your financial records organized, it is important to keep track of your spending, and with your spending comes receipts. If you think about a typical shopping trip, it is easy to Continue reading Receipts – Keeping and Tossing »
Business chart with glowing arrows and world map Planning Long-Term Purchases - When you are evaluating how to spend your money, most people make a fairly simple comparison – if the benefit you think you will get from the purchase is bigger than the cost, then most Continue reading Planning Long-Term Purchases »
Money – Types of Stored Value - Definition When we think of money, stored value means anything that isn't cash, but you can still use to transfer value - checks, debit cards, gift cards, and forms like that. These are used to transport some Continue reading Money – Types of Stored Value »