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Personal Finance

Bankruptcy - If you are severely behind on your bills and all other debt management plans have failed, the last option available is declaring Bankruptcy. What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a type of forced debt settlement, and… Continue reading Bankruptcy »
Insurance - Insurance is protection from losing or damaging something. It is defined as the transfer of loss risk in exchange for payment. Basically, if we damage or lose something that was insured, the insurance will cover… Continue reading Insurance »
ATM machine Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit - Before Debit Cards Before the 21st century, if you wanted to buy groceries or visit the mall, you had 4 options that you could use to pay, all of which had their own drawbacks:… Continue reading Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit »
Money – Types of Stored Value - Definition When we think of money, stored value means anything that isn't cash, but you can still use to transfer value - checks, debit cards, gift cards, and forms like that. These are used to transport some… Continue reading Money – Types of Stored Value »