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Personal Finance

Unemployment and Other Assistance Programs - Everyone needs to start from somewhere. While you build your personal finances from the ground up, you may already have faced times when you had low (or no) income, trying to get any advantage to Continue reading Unemployment and Other Assistance Programs »
Financial Records - As you begin working with financial institutions to secure your money and process your financial transactions, it is important that you learn to keep good financial records. These records, both on paper and electronic, will Continue reading Financial Records »
Life Insurance - Life Insurance is an insurance policy designed to pay out if the insured person dies. They were created to make sure that if the main income holder of a household dies, the payout from the Continue reading Life Insurance »
Preparing for Spending Shocks - “Spending Shocks” are large, irregular expenses. According to CBS, more than 60% of Americans cannot absorb a $500 spending shock: spending shocks are the #1 reasons why budgets end up abandoned, and being prepared for Continue reading Preparing for Spending Shocks »