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Personal Finance

Spending Plan - Definition of Spending Plan A "Spending Plan" is exactly as it says - a plan of what you will be spending each month. There are usually two parts - your "fixed" spending and your "variable"… Continue reading Spending Plan »
Researching Purchases - Every person makes hundreds of purchases every week. Think about how many individual items you have when buying groceries, how often you eat out or use a vending machine, or how often you buy new… Continue reading Researching Purchases »
Good Debt, Bad Debt - Beginners trying to tackle their personal finances for the first time see debt as sort of a “boogeyman”, a specter that looms overhead, trying to trap people into inescapable cycles of minimum payments and late… Continue reading Good Debt, Bad Debt »
Debt Negotiation - Everyone has had financial emergencies, when a huge spending shock breaks your budget or spending plan into pieces. If you have more than one emergency in a short time, such as if you lost your… Continue reading Debt Negotiation »