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duty free All About Sales Tax - What Is Sales Tax? “Sales Tax” is a tax that is charged on goods sold to end customers. The Sales Tax is a set percentage of the price of the goods sold. In the United Continue reading All About Sales Tax »
ATM machine Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit - Before Debit Cards Before the 21st century, if you wanted to buy groceries or visit the mall, you had 4 options that you could use to pay, all of which had their own drawbacks: Continue reading Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit »
Business chart with glowing arrows and world map Buying a Car - Buying a car is usually the first big purchase a person will make. There is also no shortage of horror stories of people immediately regretting the decision, either by buying a new car and later Continue reading Buying a Car »
car crash Car Insurance - If you drive a car, you need to be covered by some sort of car insurance. You have probably seen dozens of advertisements from insurance companies claiming to help lower your rates, improve your coverage, Continue reading Car Insurance »