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Personal Finance

Debt Management Services - If you find yourself over your head in debt, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Credit counseling agencies, both for-profit and non-profit, exist in every state to help people build Continue reading Debt Management Services »
Preparing for Spending Shocks - “Spending Shocks” are large, irregular expenses. According to CBS, more than 60% of Americans cannot absorb a $500 spending shock: spending shocks are the #1 reasons why budgets end up abandoned, and being prepared for Continue reading Preparing for Spending Shocks »
Reconciling Accounts - Your parents probably have experience reconciling their checkbook by comparing your own written records with their bank statements. In today’s world, reconciling your checkbook isn’t a common activity for two reasons: Paper checks probably only Continue reading Reconciling Accounts »
ATM machine Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit - Before Debit Cards Before the 21st century, if you wanted to buy groceries or visit the mall, you had 4 options that you could use to pay, all of which had their own drawbacks: Continue reading Debit – Credit Cards Without Credit »