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Work Versus Study

Every high school student makes a choice when they are about to graduate – enter the job market right away, enter a trade school, or enroll in a university? Everyone will make the same kind of choice many times throughout their lives. If you first choose to work, the option is usually still available later to go back to school. University graduates sometimes feel like … Continue reading Work Versus Study »

Certifications in the Finance Industry

Have you ever thought about a career in the finance industry?  Have you wondered what is required to be considered a professional in the stock trading world?  Well I have good news:  you’ve come to the right place!  We’ll cover educational requirements and the basics of Series 6, Series 7, and several professional designations in the industry.  So buckle in and let’s get started! Buying … Continue reading Certifications in the Finance Industry »

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Of Job Seekers

Job Application On A Crumpled Ball Of Paper

Experienced workers have a job search lasting about 43 days, and fresh graduates can expect a longer wait. Your search will be much harder if you make one of the following very common mistakes. Avoiding all 5 will not promise an interview, but hitting any might mean you are missing out. Errors In Your Application When you are applying for a job, you should be triple-checking everything you want … Continue reading The 5 Biggest Mistakes Of Job Seekers »

Using Keywords In Your Job Search – Make Or Break Your Application

Keywords – the Achilles Heel of every student’s resume. Knowing how to craft a killer resume and cover letter that grabs employers attention (and keeps it) will only help once you get your resume in the hands of a recruiter. Unfortunately, today anyone can apply to just about any job anywhere, so that great new opening you have your eye on may already have dozens, … Continue reading Using Keywords In Your Job Search – Make Or Break Your Application »