3 Ways To Communicate

Most changes to the site have a one-week turnaround period for integration, but we do have 3 quick that will improve the way you communicate with your users. These methods always be updated on any information your site would like to deliver – most clients usually use one or two methods, but they will always be at your disposal. Each tool is different and is often used for diverse purposes. Learn a little bit about each one of them, if you have any questions feel free to contact us and our team.

1. Announcements Box

The first option is an announcement box, with this tool you can add messaging to all of your users on the fly. This is a right hand panel widget, and accepts any HTML input (with a maximum width of 290px).


The announcements box can be changed at any time from the on-site administration tools.

2. Hello Bar

The second option is the “Hello Bar” It’s a nicely designed, full-width bar that spans across the top of your website. It appears at the top of all pages (except the home page), if you have one active.

Unlike the announcements box, you can include any formatting, links, call to actions and even images (if they are small) that you like in the Hello Bar. Hello Bar will help you get a subtle message in front of your visitors without annoying them, in other words helps you grab attention without being obnoxious.

You can also run more than one hellobar at a time. If there is more than one, the system will randomly cycle through all your active messages each time a user opens a new page.

The hellobar can only be added or modified by our team, and will be up within an hour if you send us a request during business hours.

Hello Bar

3. Overlay Pop-Up

The last option is an overlay. This is a content box that pops up when a user first logs in.  Users won’t see overlay messages constantly when they visit the site – only once, as long as they have cookies enabled on their browser. The overlay box accepts any images, HTML, or embedded content that you like.

The overlay, like the hello bars, can only be added to our team, and will be up within an hour if you send us a request during business hours.