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About Carla Spoto

My name is Carla Spoto. I am an undergraduate student at the College of Staten Island in New York City. I graduated from New Dorp High School in 2012 with an Advanced Regents Diploma and was inducted into the National Honor Society. In college, I am studying Accounting, Economics and Finance in college and will be graduating with a double major. I have recently been inducted into the International Honor Society for Economics at the College of Staten Island. My career goal is to obtain my CPA license and PFS designation and work as a Personal Financial Specialist for all types of income levels. As a college student I participated in many volunteering opportunities as well as having internships. My volunteering experience was outside my college, where I participated in fundraisers for various health organizations, food drives, and walk-a-thons. My experience volunteering shaped me into the generous person I am today. I only had one internship through college called the VITA Program where I worked as a tax preparer. I currently have a job as an accountant at a local CPA firm in Staten Island. My advice to you all is to never stop improving, and be as selfless as possible because what you attract is what you exude.

Working With Segments and Target Markets

Have you ever wondered how big and small companies gather their customer base? With all the people in the world, how do companies select who to market to? Larger companies use mass marketing to market their products, while smaller companies use market segmentation. What is Market Segmentation? Market segmentation is the process of dividing a market of potential customers into groups (segments) based on different … Continue reading Working With Segments and Target Markets »

Human Resource Planning

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The Human Resources department at a business is in charge of everything from hiring and firing employees, organizing and implementing training programs, resolving internal conflicts, determining the pay scales, and everything in between. Human Resources Role The Human Resources department is concerned with the specific employees of the company, rather than sales, marketing, or product development. In a nutshell, the Human Resources department of any … Continue reading Human Resource Planning »

Management Theory


When holding a job, there are usually certain people that have specific “titles” that describe the work that they do.  With those titles, comes the chain of command, which can be looked at as a flow chart: The CEO –> who oversees Management –> who oversees Associates. These managers organize and coordinate the activities of the business to achieve specific goals. While the chain of … Continue reading Management Theory »

Basics of Payroll Accounting


Most the taxes paid are through paychecks, so a large part of payroll accounting is properly accounting for all taxes. Most people are familiar with their annual personal tax return, but payroll tax filing works a bit differently. Payroll is run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even semi-monthly, so for each pay cycle, taxes need to be calculated and reported. All tax payments need to be … Continue reading Basics of Payroll Accounting »