User Account Generation

We take student data privacy seriously – with constant innovations to keep student data secure. However, we work with more and more schools that have their own restrictions on what kinds of personal information can be gathered, even for administrative purposes.

To help make sure that all schools have access to our platform, we just released our new “Account Generation” tool. This new feature is an entirely new way to get students registered into your class – instead of using our classic registration link and inviting students to create their own username and password, professors just request however many accounts they need and we generate semi-randomized usernames and passwords.

Professors then distribute these generated accounts to their students, keeping records of which account belongs to which student outside the system. This ensures that schools with even the strictest privacy policies can still take full advantage of our platform.

About Kevin Smith

Kevin is the content manager for Personal Finance Lab and is from Chicago, Illinois. He has a Master's Degree in Economics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. In addition to an economics background, he has also built training manuals to prepare finance companies for licensing requirements in mortgage loan origination and insurance sales.